Wednesday, March 20, 2013

top ten social sharing websites for becklinks list of 2013 new

Posted by danish
When i create a facebook page?
i create facebook page before one or two months i request to people please like this page after two weeks a i saw on my page only 300 or 350 likes ,at this time i found a website from pakistan webmaster abduwali khan wich is best online source for learning seo,html and java online in urdu language,after that i search for this kind of sites and i found many kinds of sites for facebok likes,facebook shares,facebook post like,facebook post share,twitter followers,twitter retweets,vk followers,sound cloud followers etc.

Top Ten websites for social sharing

How To Use this sites:
this is not a big question simply follow this steps
1-sign up>ad your website or facebook page link or twitter use name or wich is you want
1-likes others pages,followe others etc>after liking you got a points wich are detected when your page is liked.

Focebook allow this ?
ya facebook allow this process coz any person liking a page when he agree

Some instructions for you
Dont make two acounts with you name
Dont Use any bot
Dont cheet be true person

i create a video upon this topic in urdu language i m sharing here that video

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